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  • 01. What types of websites do you design?
    We have designed websites of various types, including the following: Corporate. Personal. Portfolios. Educational. Real Estate. Events. Restaurants. E-commerce.
  • 02. In what languages can you make websites?
    We make websites in Spanish and English.
  • 05. How long can a web design project last?
    It usually lasts two (2) months from the time we have the initial video call until we deliver the website up and running. However, the duration varies according to the requirements of each project and the time it takes for the client to accept the commercial proposal.
  • 06. How much can the price of a web design project be?
    Prices for the websites we have worked on start at $700. The price will depend on the specific characteristics of each project. To determine it, we evaluate the business objectives, the brand strategy, the quality of its content, the type of website and its technical requirements, among other aspects. We find it valuable to keep in mind that, by following the principles of minimalism, we seek to deeply understand the purpose of each project to optimize its budget and achieve the best possible with the available resources.
  • 08. How does the studio work, where are they located and what experience do they have?
    How does the study work? Minimalístico operates remotely (100% online), which allows us to work with clients in various parts of the world and manage flexible schedules. Where are you? The study is legally established in Colombia and the team that makes it up is located in different regions of the country. What experience does he have? Its members have more than 10 years of experience working in multiple fields of design such as: graphic, visual and web; as well as in other disciplines related to branding, communication, development, and digital business strategy.
  • 09. What is the process that must be followed to work with Minimalistico?
    The process to start working with Minimalistico must complete the seven (7) steps listed below in no more than 30 days. Schedule a video call. Talk about the project. Accept the commercial proposal. Specify the work schedule. Complete the administrative procedures. Grant the necessary access. Make the initial payment.
  • 10. Is it essential to schedule a video call to start working?
    Definitely yes. For each project that comes to us we create the appropriate space to understand it and thus give it precise management. Additionally, getting to know each other as we discuss the project is of great value to our clients, as they can determine if we are the right team to help them.

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