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Privacy Policy

Minimalistico, being a business unit of the company BASTINO S.A.S. of NIT 901.025.671, domiciled in the city of Bogotá D.C., informs its customers, suppliers, strategic partners, prospects and visitors (hereinafter the "Holders") that it has implemented the data processing policies mandated by Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, as follows:​

1. Data collected: As stated in the contact forms, contracts for the provision of professional services, contracts with our suppliers, notices an other information that has been freely provided to us by the Holders, the information that we collect and that we will keep is as follows:


  • Contact Information: Address, telephone numbers and email.

  • Behavior of the commercial relationship: Payments, sales, contacts made, quotes sent, contracts, services rendered and invoicing.

  • Data of services rendered.

  • Likewise, in some cases, for legal and/or accounting purposes, copies of identity documents will be requested.

  • Identification information of the natural or legal person with whom we have a commercial relationship or who intends to contact us for commercial purposes: Name, identification number, position and/or company they represent.

2. Data processing: The data will be used:

  • To make effective contact with the Holder and follow up on the steps taken.

  • For the purpose of sending correspondence or notifications related to current and future business relationships with BASTINO SAS

  • For Customer Relationship Management - CRM or similar systems aimed at providing a better service.

  • To follow up on the execution of contracts.

  • To send important information about offers, requirements, news or any other information that is relevant to the Holder.

  • To allow our strategic partners to make offers of interest to you or help you generate networking for the Owner's projects and businesses.

  • For security purposes of the company and the Holders.

Once any contractual relationship is terminated, the contact data will only be kept for the purpose of sending offers in which you may be interested.​

3. Current databases: As of the date of issuance of these privacy policies, the following databases are in formation:

  • Prospect database.

  • Natural Person customer database.

  • Client database Legal Entity.

  • Database of Natural Person Suppliers.

  • Database of Legal Person Suppliers.


4. Rights and duties of Clients, Prospective Clients and Suppliers with respect to information:

  • You will have the right to know, update or rectify the information referred to in number 1 at all times.

  • You have the right to keep your data updated for notifications.

  • Upon your request, you may be given information about the use of your personal data. The authorization to use the data occurs at the moment in which it is expressed in the respective contract or when you complete forms belonging to the website.

  • Finally, once our contractual relationship is completely terminated you have the right to request the deletion of your information from our databases being registered only for accounting and commercial purposes.

5. Procedure to know, update, rectify and delete the information: In order to know, update, rectify or delete the information that rests in our databases, you must send a written request to the address, fax or email indicated in number 5, which will be processed in the terms of the Law 1581 of 2012. All your claims will be attended by the Management of BASTINO SAS

Any request regarding these matters will be answered within a maximum period of ten (10) business days, unless a situation of force majeure or fortuitous event arises that does not allow compliance with this term, in which case you will be informed. the Holder of the additional period that it will take to comply with his request.



6. Communications: For any type of communication related to these privacy policies, they may be communicated to the notification address found in the documents signed with the company or to:

  • Calle 126A # 7C-44 in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Cell: +57 313 813-6897

  • Email:


7. Validity: These privacy policies are in force as of  July 1, 2020.

  • Any modification to them will be duly informed to the Holders.

  • The privacy and treatment policies that this document deals with will be in force throughout our contractual relationship and once terminated, until the date on which the deletion of our databases is requested by you.

  • Any change to the privacy policy will be informed via email to the email addresses provided by you.

  • Likewise, in the event that new databases are produced or existing ones are deleted, the Holders will be informed of this situation.

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